Vicki Jo Harrison

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Vicki Jo Harrison for TICA Vice-President

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I have been a proud member of TICA for 30 years. I have witnessed the wonderful progress that has been made over that time making TICA the most progressive and successful cat association in the cat fancy.  As a group, the TICA membership needs to continue to make sure the progress continues while keeping our traditions alive.  Together, I believe we can help make that happen. Our main purpose for being a part of this association should be for our feline friends. We need to remember:

"It's All About the CATS!"
Vicki Jo Harrison became a TICA member on May 2, 1983 and certainly is qualified to serve as Vice President or as a candidate for any position as she feels will further the TICA Image.

She has been an excellent and respected Allbreed Judge for almost 20 years and has served as Breed Committee Chair for both the Siamese and the Oriental Shorthair Breeds. Constantly striving to be the best, both in work related experiences and as a TICA representative, she is knowledgeable about all breeds of cats, and she is continually involved in educational activities, judging schools and seminars in order to further her knowledge of cats and to present it to the public.

I fully support her candidacy and urge you to vote for her as TICA’s next Vice President.

Georgia Morgan
TICA Co-Founder and Past-President (1979 - 1998)