Chris Unangst
for Southeast Regional Director
My vision for our region

The cat fancy is at a crossroads. We are being attacked by legislation that would limit what we are allowed to do. The economy is making it difficult to show and for breeders to sell kittens. We are growing in some areas, and declining in others. It is time that we pull together as a single region - not individual clubs, states or countries - to find ways for everyone to succeed. We all bring something to the table - breeders and non-breeders, those who show recognized breeds, developing breeds, or household pets, and even those who like cats but may not even have one to show.

I would like to see a strong TICA presence in all our region’s states and countries. In addition, I would also like to see increased cooperation between members and clubs in the Southeast region and those bordering the Southeast.

Likewise we need to be responsible for our own actions. I believe we have rules and regulations for a reason and that those rules apply to all of us. To the best of my ability, I will apply TICA's rules fairly and equally.

To be fair that means we all need to know what's going on. It would be my intention to openly communicate to the region, not only in regional meetings at shows but in other ways as well. This is your region and your association. You have the right, and I would have the obligation, to let you know what is going on in the region and across TICA.

We have some very talented people in this region and I would like to see us use those talents not only within the region, but across TICA. If you have a talent you would like to share with the association, I will do my best to see that you have the opportunity.

As your regional director I will listen to you and represent you to the best of my abilities.